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Print For week commencing 18th Oct
06.15Queenax Circuit60 minsFunctional (Studio)Past
06.30Virtual RPM (45)45 minsCycle Workout (Studio)Past
07.55Virtual LTM RPM5 minsCycle Workout (Studio)Past
08.00Virtual Grit - Plyo30 minsStudio 2 (Studio)Past
08.15Virtual RPM (45) - The Trip45 minsCycle Workout (Studio)Past
09.0050+ Club240 minsAnthony Abbotts (Suite)Past
09.15Virtual RPM (45)45 minsCycle Workout (Studio)Past
09.30AMT Team Fit30 minsGym Induction (2) (Area)Past
09.30Body Pump60 minsStudio 1 (Studio)Past
09.30Yoga60 minsStudio 2 (Studio)Past
09.30Aqua Aerobics (45 Mins)45 minsSP Lane 5Past
09.45Barre30 minsStudio 2 (Studio)Past
10.30Sh'Bam50 minsSway Dance (Studio)Book
10.30Queenax MASH-UP60 minsFunctional (Studio)Book
10.30Body Combat60 minsStudio 2 (Studio)Book
10.45Cycle Workout45 minsCycle Workout (Studio)Book
10.4550+ Aerobics60 minsStudio 1 (Studio)Book
11.30Body Balance60 minsSway Dance (Studio)Book
11.45Virtual Body Pump (30)30 minsStudio 2 (Studio)Book
11.45Legs, Bums & Tums (LBT)60 minsStudio 1 (Studio)Book
12.00Virtual RPM (30) - Sprint30 minsCycle Workout (Studio)Book
12.45Virtual CX Worx (30)30 minsStudio 2 (Studio)Book
12.45Pilates60 minsStudio 1 (Studio)Book
14.00Virtual Grit - Strength30 minsStudio 2 (Studio)Book
15.00Virtual RPM (45)45 minsCycle Workout (Studio)Book
16.00Trampolining - Junior60 minsSH Court 1Book
16.00Basketball Coaching Session60 minsSH Court 5Book
16.30Active Teen - Boxercise60 minsStudio 1 (Studio)Book
16.55Virtual LTM Body Pump5 minsStudio 2 (Studio)Book
17.00Virtual Body Pump (30)30 minsStudio 2 (Studio)Book
17.00Trampolining - Junior60 minsSH Court 1Book
17.15Virtual RPM (45)45 minsCycle Workout (Studio)Book
17.50Grit - Strength30 minsStudio 2 (Studio)Book
18.00Body Balance60 minsStudio 1 (Studio)Book
18.00Body Attack60 minsFunctional (Studio)Book
18.00Trampolining - Adult/Junior60 minsSH Court 1Book
18.15Cycle Workout45 minsCycle Workout (Studio)Book
18.25Grit - Cardio30 minsStudio 2 (Studio)Book
19.00Boxercise60 minsStudio 1 (Studio)Book
19.10Fitness Pilates60 minsSway Dance (Studio)Waiting List
19.15Virtual Grit - Plyo30 minsStudio 2 (Studio)Book
19.15Cycle Workout45 minsCycle Workout (Studio)Book
20.00Open Badminton - Adults120 minsSH Court 1Book
20.00Virtual Barre30 minsStudio 2 (Studio)Book
20.15T-PHIT60 minsStudio 1 (Studio)Book
20.15Virtual RPM (45) - The Trip45 minsCycle Workout (Studio)Book
21.10Virtual LTM RPM5 minsCycle Workout (Studio)Book
21.15Virtual RPM (30) - Sprint30 minsCycle Workout (Studio)Book